Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's been a while

Yes, I've been running but no I haven't bee posting. Really I'm not sure why, I guess I didn't realize I wasn't updating my running posts.

I got to run in GA last week. We were down there for a conference and I had sometime one of the mornings. I like running new places. It's like getting to see the best of the area but on foot. I know it sounds cheese but it's like getting to "know" the area a little better. I've been to this particular house a couple dozen times, spent night there, I knew the place. But by running the area I discovered how hilly it was, how lush GA is compared to where I live and what trees look like that aren't pine.

I only managed 15 miles last week because of my travels. It's just not smart for me to run if I'm going to be in the car or sitting all day, which is what last week was. I get cramped up and find that I have new aches and pains if I do that.

Speaking of new aches and pains. I ran on Sunday. I was tired but was itching to get out for a run. I guess I was excited because my first mile was a 7:45 or something like that. It's not big deal that I ran a 7:45 mile the problem is I didn't give my chance to warm up. So I'm not sure if it was that or something else but after my run both my hip flexor (left) and my knee (right) was hurting. New type of pain.

So crap it! I didn't run monday but decided tuesday I could do it. I took it easy and kept my mile average at 8:40 or so for 6 miles. Then yesterday I did some easy miles on the treadmill at the gym and increased my speed each mile ending out the miles pretty fast. The stiffness in both my hip and my knee is pretty much gone. I'm happy about that!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monthly and YTD stats

So here they are September stats and Year to Date stats.

September: 131.8 miles in 18:58:28
Year to date: 805.2 miles in 125:14:23- that's 5 days and 5 hours

Going, going... but I'm back

I had planned on doing my long run this morning when I woke up. It was supposed to be 65 but with 97% humidity. I woke up and six and was tired but was ready to run. By the time I made it down stairs I realized it would be more wise to put off my run till thursday and get lots of office work done this morning. So I started working and enjoyed the quietness of the house before everyone gets up. Then Nathan got up so I put on his shows and let Heather sleep. It worked out good for all of us.

I got so much done at 10 I decided to go ahead and get my long run in. I packed 4 fig newtons and my phone on my water belt and I was off. My training plan called for 12 @ 9:05 m/mile so I wanted to do 4 warm up, snack, and then 5 miles at half marathon pace (or as close as I could get 8:00 m/mile) and the the remaining 3 at 9:05 (or limping home). I would have drinks of gatorade at even miles and 2 fig newtons at 4 and 8.

At mile 4 it was newton time and I imagined how funny I would look pulling a ziploc bag full of cookies and shoving them whole in my mouth while running. "Look at this big guy out here running Rose. He can't even run without needing a snack."

8-9:12 (Bathroom break)

I forgot to turn the auto pause back on after my race on Saturday so I lost some time doing that.

1:44:46, 8:44 m/mile

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Neptune 8k

Race report time. Race reports like this are fun to right because I hit my goal time of 38 minutes. I didn't quite hit it with the splits I was planning (8,8,7:30, 7:30,7) but I did hit my goal time and in the end that's what matters. I also hit my goal time in a day of very bad weather and rain.

I arrived at the race at 7am for an 8am start. Before I got out of the car I noticed it was raining so I grabbed my jacket. I knew it wasn't waterproof but it would keep me from getting chilled and wet all the way down to my skin. I went and grabbed my timing chip and starting walking the boardwalk that's right on the beach. The rain was steady but not really hard. No big deal.

I realized I needed to go to the bathroom and I spotted a mcdonald's that wouldn't mind if I used their facility. It was in doors that I realized how wet I was and I realized that regardless if it was raining at the start of the race I was going to be wet for the race. I got back outside and started my warm up, I felt fresh and the air wasn't stifling, it was going to be a good race.

Warmed up and the rain just kept coming. It seemed like the rain was getting harder. It was. I ducked under and awning with 50 of my closest runner friends and tried to just relax for a few minutes. Then it was time to get to the start line. No sooner did we get to the start line did the rain just start coming. Hard, steady rain. I started to hear people complain to their friends that their time was going to be bad today because of the rain and the wind. I was grinning hear to ear. I love running in the rain. It's one of my favorite times to run and because I've love it it's something I do on a regular basis. I've always read practice what you'll be racing in and it just so happens I've run in rain.

The gun went off and I swear the rain started coming harder. Several things amazed me at this point. The first was the incredibly slow people that were in front of me. It's pretty common sense to line up according to your speed. If you are a slow runner then line up towards the back, fast line up towards the front. Me, I'm a medium speed runner so I line up in the middle. My only excuse I can think of for people is that they think they are faster than they are. They must think a 9:00 m/mile is fast so they line up towards the front. Really I just don't know.

The other thing that amazed me was the ipods and mp3 players that people were listening to in the pouring rain. Water and electronics don't go to well together. The next thing I noticed was the rain coming down still harder and the wind blowing in my face. I didn't care, I was grinning and just loving the fact that we were all running in the rain.

At about mile one there was a water stop which I thought was hilarious because it was raining so hard all one had to do was look up and open you mouth. So that's what I did, the volunteers laughed.

At mile one I started to find someone that was doing miles at about 8:00. I decided to keep my first two miles at 8 to avoid going out too fast. There was a lady that was just ahead of me and at a good clip. Turns out she was doing the pace I wanted and so I just decided to stick with her till mile 2. This let my mind rest a little about pacing and kept me from getting too excited.

Mile two hit and it was time to increase my pace. It hurt a little. My shoes were wet and really heavy and I was more than soaked through. I started thinking about my favorite scene from Remember the titans. The two linebackers are huddle up with their team and one asks the other "how strong are you?" and the reply is "I'm too strong". I also thought about a scene from facing the giants. The scene where Brock has to do the death crawl and the coach as him to do his best. So blindfolded and with a 160lb guy on his back Brock starts death crawling. During the drill the coach demands Brock give his best. He demands more power, he tells Brock to negotiate with his body for more strength. So with those thoughts I finished mile 3.

Two to go. I tried to relax and I started setting small goals for myself. Mile 4 down and at the turn around with about .9 miles to go I started to increase my pace yet again. People were tired and were slow. I was having no problem picking off people and the more I picked off the more mental fuel my body got. I started counting down the blocks and knew I was almost at the finish. With .2 miles to go I started kicking, full speed as much as I could muster. My stomach hurt, my legs were heavy and I was sucking wind. But I wanted to leave it all out there and that's what I did.

7:38 m/mile average
1- 7:52

Thursday, September 25, 2008

6 miles

Due to a noreaster blowing into the area I thought it would be more fun to do my 6 miles at the gym today. The treadmills have tv's so I can channel surf while plugging away at my miles. I also find the treadmill is a mental battle to keep myself focused and slightly distracted to make it tolerable. I know that sounds confusing but essentially it makes running on the road much easier both physically and mentally.

Running on the treadmill is no big deal... that is unless I have to run on a treadmill beside "Slappy the lead foot wonder." There is a guy at the gym that runs. He runs so hard that his feet hit the treadmill at considerable velocity. I can hear his footfalls over the tv and turning the tv up doesn't help much. Just the rhythmic stomping of his lead feet. I refuse to run beside the guy. If he's on a treadmill I never get on the one beside him. Today I get on and start running and sure enough of all the free treadmills he wants the one beside me. Something distracted him for about 10 minutes so I had ten minutes in peace. He then returned and me and Slappy ran a few miles together. Like hamsters only one of the hamsters was vibrating the ground.

So 6 miles in 55:30- 9:15 m/mile

Yesterday I did 6 miles in 50:02, 8:21 m/mile. I'm not supposed to be running them so fast but I couldn't hold back, so I didn't.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I smell

rain. I got out for my run today, 6 miles at easy pace. I was tired from Sunday, like I normally am but was looking forward to the time. I decided not to have a mental agenda. I normally leave the house with things I want to think about, ideas I want to process or "work" I need to get done. Today was not one of those days. I put on some worship songs and just enjoyed the run. My new favorite running song has been I will wait by Jason Upton. Our fill in worship leader introduced it to me a few weeks back and I realized I actually owned the cd and had it in my itunes. It's now on my ipod and getting lots of plays.

I wasn't far from home when I noticed something fresh in the air. I'm used to humid heavy air. I realized it was the smell of rain and I realized how incredible that smell is. I just filled my lungs with that moist fresh air and I ran.

6 miles in 53:20, 8:54 m/mile

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Running an Errand

Yesterday I ran an errand. Literally. Heather asked me to go rent a movie from redbox so I decided to run up to the store. I had to run on our busiest road to get there but I just stuck to the shoulder and it really wasn't the bad. It was hilarious as I came up to the box where a few people were waiting in line and one of the ladies just turned and looked at me like I was crazy. I had to add a few loops to make my run the 5 miles I was looking for but it was a lot of fun.

average pace: 8:15 m/mile, total run time 41:12

I've got my cut back week this week, so 4 or so runs at 5 miles and then a race on Saturday (8k).